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Monday, November 26, 2007

Movie Review: Hitman

Hey all,

Caught the movie Hitman on Sunday. I realize that I am turning into a grouch because I seem to hate so many movies lately. I shouldn't say that I hated Hitman, I understood going into it that it was a plot-less actioner that wasn't going to be driven by great acting or a complex plot. I just wanted a fun shoot'em up and I felt let down. There wasn't any great action sequences that were fun or over the top, such as in films like The Transporter or Crank, where the energy or fun of the film is what drives it.

Hitman felt lethargic and uninspired. I read one movie critic compare it to a direct to cable quality feature and I have to agree. Spending the money of effects and whatnot actually was a detriment to me, the less the budget the less I tend to expect. I wanted to be entertained and I do like Timothy Olyphant, his roles in Deadwood and Live Free or Die Hard where great. I just wanted a bit more bang for my buck. Either go super realistic, like the Bourne movies, or fun and over the top like Crank. Few movies can really straddle that line like the Die Hards or Lethal Weapons.

A basic summery of the film find Olyphant's Hitman character raised from birth to be a nameless assassin who is set up by his own organization to take the fall for the assassination of a Russian Presidential candidate. Olyphant's character, Agent 47, kills the target, but finds out later that the target he saw killed was still alive. Discovering that the target has a double, he rescues the targets love slave girlfriend and tries to figure out why he is being set up. The movie throws the standard sex scene and regular trappings that you want from an action movie, but it doesn't have a lot of fun with it. My recommendation is to wait for cable.

End of Line.

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