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Friday, November 16, 2007

The Kiss

Hey all,

Felt like I needed to post a poem to offset that last story. Wanted to get back to doing a love poem again, trying to capture just a moment in time. It's certainly a continuation from my previous poem The Match. Hope you enjoy.

The Kiss

In awkward seconds before our first,

My heart feels like it soon must burst.

A time of which we'll surely reminsce,

Marking the moment of the kiss.

Closing in to taste your lips,

The precipice to cause such slips.

Gladly now to tumble down,

And lay your feet thy Queenly crown.

Reign upon my feeling's deep.

Your sovereignty over me to keep.

Closer now to touch your hand,

Breath to breath so close we stand.

Sweep away stray strand of hair,

Beauty held without compare,

Soft skin held in supple cheek,

The missing part my soul did seek.

Caught within your eyes,

A glimpse of Heaven therein lies.

You've stripped me to the core,

And all I want is more,

Brushing soft, a slow begin,

Warmth bubbling deep within.

Lips pressing harder now,

A promise of more, unsaid vow.

Urgent flush of passion's throws,

Layed me bare to all expose.

Holding tight in this embrace.

A moment of time held in place.

Discovering in each a taste,

From what once seemed so chaste.

And though my eyes be tightly shut,

Your image in mind is clearly cut.

That urgency that once was strong,

Cannot last for everlong.

Once hard kiss grows more light.

Yet still everything feels so right.

Slowly now we pull away,

From this kiss that filled my day.

Now that our lips have part,

All I want to do is return to the start.

End of Line.

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