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Thursday, November 22, 2007

True Story Time: Thanksgiving Edition

Hey all,

As today is Thanksgiving I thought I would relate one of my families great holiday traditions to you. As many holidays involve gift giving, like Santa at Christmas and the Easter Bunny on ..well Easter, my family gave gifts on Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving Eve, our house would be visited by the Turkey Gobbler. A giant turkey who would come into your house at night and leave you a hidden present somewhere for you to find. I find it no more ridculous than the concept of the Easter Bunny, a rabbit that hides eggs and candy. At least we got a present out of it. The Turkey Gobbler, Yeah you read that right.

Growing up I didn't realize that the Turkey Gobbler was not a part of other familes Thanksgiving Day Traditions. It was always a part of our childhood and something that is indigenous to my father's side of the family. It is a tradition that I know my brother and I would definately continue should the oppertunity present itself for us in the future. I like that we have a tradition unique to or family, even if it sounds strange to others.

Maybe next Thanksgiving, you should be a good boy or girl and see if you get a visit from the Turkey Gobbler.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

End of Line.

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