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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thought Balloon

Hey All,

Tonight over dinner I had a very interesting talk about relationships. What people look for in them and why people do the things they do. As a man who has never been in much of a relationship I find it odd that many of my theories seemed to reverberate so succinctly.

The topic of men paying for stuff all the time came up and as to why men seem to have to do that. Most guys think of this as a way to be a provider, and to show affection through those means. This came around to the subject of why men are often paying for stuff still from previous relationships, which lead to a discussion to one of what I feel is one of my more sound theories. The concept of "A dick in a glass."

Dick in a glass is applied to females, vajayjay in a glass for men. Most women in my experience have what I refer to as a dick in a glass, a guy they are friends with and may flirt with, but never take it to that relationship level. After a period of time many women come to realize that they are not having successful relationships with the other sex. Many times prioritizing things that seem important in the beginning of a relationship over things that matter in a relationship later. That is when they have to decide if it;s finally time to break the glass in case of an emergency and go to the backup.

Dick in a glass is usually a low maintenance thing, though you do need to check for freshness every so often, Phone calls or surprise visits from the girl to keep you fresh in your mind are best. Never let the other plan things unless that suits your freshness needs. You simply can't go 8 months to a year and not call, that is to long and the "dick" will spoil from lack of attention.

The same can be said of vajayjay in a glass. That is often the underlying current when a man is still paying for stuff for his ex. Keeping a tab on the girl by paying for stuff gives you a reason to call, and keeps you in her mind as you go into a relationship. That way if it doesn't work out or you don't find something else, you can return to what you had before.

Anyway, the conversation was very interesting for me, as this is a topic I have little first person knowledge of, but a lot of third person insight. Maybe being out of the loop for so long will give me an advantage as I move forward in in my own life. Food for thought at least.

Thanks for reading.

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