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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back To Me

Hey all,

Here is a quick poem I wrote today. I wrote it in about 5 minutes just doodling at work. I don't think it is my greatest work, but I like the easy flow of the rhymes and the very simplistic nature it represented. Not really breaking any new ground but this is what I would consider easy listening poetry. Sometimes that tells just as important a story as a complex one. Enjoy.

Back to Me

The time we spend away,

Grows longer by the day,

And I need you to come back to me.

The days just gather on,

Still not where you belong,

And your loveliness hurts to not see.

My heart seems to wear more thin,

Wondering where you have been,

And here I am listening for your decree.

Never seems more alone,

Trapped here on my own,

Our separation held by a degree,

If only I could see your face,

Then I'd remember my place,

And you'll have no need to flee.

So when you could find,

The means to remind,

Of my final yet furtive plea.

You would forget the regret,

So the pain may abet,

And things could return to what they use to be.

End of Line.

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