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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Computer (not so) Blue

Hey all,

Big week this week. FIrst off I am finally posting from my own PC. Got a pretty good deal on a Toshiba laptop, 120 gig hard drive with CD/DVD rewritable drive, built in web cam and wi-fi capable. I am pretty happy with it. The keyboard feels very natural and the screen size is great, not to big for travel, but just right to work on. Obviously there is a little bit of work to do on it to get it up to what I need, like getting MS Office to help with my writing. I am also going to try to budget for a little more RAM and an external hard drive to keep my music and writing on. There are also the small necessities like a good bag and better portable mouse system than I currently have, but I am fully functional. The best part about it is that the spell check on this computer works so while blogging I can easliy fix any errors. That being said there are a few features I don't like, such as missing the numeric pad on the keyboard, I never realized how much I use it until I lost it. I am also not 100% on Windows Vista yet, but give me time and some more familarity with it and I am sure it will work great. If not that;s what a warrenty and anti-viral software is for right?

In other blog news Jason is doing a kick ass banner for the blog and it's near completion. Hopefuly by week's end I can give the site a bit of an overhall and pop it up some. I think the banner looks amazing, but I would expect no less from Jason, everything he does is top notch.

The blog this week should feature a new Thanksgiving edition of True Story Time as well as another poem more than likely. Also probaly some words on the current sports season. As always thanks for reading!

End of Line.

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