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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Poetry: I Saw Her Standing There

Hey all,

I wrote this poem based on some of the personal issues a friend of mine has been having. Plagued with just many sad and bitter feelings about life, love, liberty, she has been trying to deal with it all. Listening to her stories was very sad, and I extrapolated the basis from that story into this one. The specifics to me aren't as important as the meaning, the motif. Happiness cannot be bought or sold, but given by a friend or loved one. Sometimes though, we realize these things to late to help.

I like how easy it was to write this poem, it took maybe 20 0r 30 minutes, it was very fast. The rhymes seem to come very readily. Enjoy the post and again, thanks for reading.

I Saw Her Standing There

I saw her standing there,

Staring out into the rising sun,

Tears long dried upon her face,

And wondered what she'd done.

She seemed so sad and all alone,

Imprisoned in her brittle shell,

By all the things that held her down,

Trapped in her own sweet hell.

I thought that maybe I could change,

And show her how to love,

To rescue her from bitter things,

And help her rise above.

Together we could see the world,

And all that life held dear,

The colors of the day and sky,

If only I was near.

But in that far off stare,

Clouded behind her eye,

I saw the truth of the hurt,

Buried to deep for me to pry.

Her sadness poised upon her smile,

The air heavy with the pall,

A weight that clung to her soul,

So damaged from the fall.

I wanted to make her happy,

And end her hurtful pains,

But some things run so very deep,

Like a poison in her veins.

I knew that I could never be,

The man to melt the ice.

That frosty coat upon the flame,

For I was far too nice.

She'd been to hurt, bruised and bled,

Seen too many things,

For me to change her painful past,

And dull the echoed rings.

I saw her standing there,

Turning from the setting sun,

How I wished I'd acted sooner,

Before her hurt begun.

End of Line.

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