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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Poetry: Element

Hey all,

I thought with the rather dreary nature of the poetry that I have been writing this month (and damn, I haven't wrote this many poems in one month since I first started the blog!) I thought it was time to do something brighter. Happier, love poetry is harder for me to write, mostly because I am rarely in a place of my own to channel these thoughts but today I really wanted to try. I will freely admit to looking an one of my favorite artists for inspiration for this poem today, Tara McPherson. The very first line of the poem is the title to one of her paintings, The Weight of Water. That title stuck with me as I looked through her art book for inspiration. Her art is usually very sad and forlorn and it helps me get my mind around other ideas. That particular piece provided the initial idea for the poem, using the elements kind of abstractly to belay the relationship of life on love.

I can tell a bit of a change in the blog for me since the restart. I am much more interested in writing creatively, new flash fiction or poems, than recycling movie reviews or other things. I'm certainly not giving up on them as I do enjoy the process, but lately I think to keep the motivation of this incredibly daunting goal which I have set for myself, 30 posts in 30 days, being more creative and less...well, opinionated or educated, has certainly been a key factor in my creative output.

As always, thank you for reading and any feedback is very much appreciated.


The weight of Water,

In snow or ice,

The cost of love,

To pay the price.

The taste of Air,

Whether smokey or sweet,

These choices we made,

For a life so complete.

The feel of Earth,

So grain or coarse,

It's the words that we say,

When we make our choice.

The sounds of Flames,

Flickered or enraged,

That ring on your finger,

Marking us engaged.

Fire and Earth,

Water and Air,

These bring to life,

All the ways which I care.

But one element,

I did leave, remiss,

The joy in my Heart,

Brought to life by your kiss.

End of Line.

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