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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Flash Fiction: Noir Story

Chapter 27

I made my way down Baker Street that night. Annie hadn't been happy about me leaving, saying that I shouldn't do this on my own. Frankly, I didn't want to do it either, but I had taken a job. I had tipped of Mike with the info I had, and while officially he couldn't lend any badge help, he had said he would see what he could do. I had told him thanks and while I hoped he could help, I couldn't wait any longer. The longer I delayed, the better the chance of Johnny Sixx finding out it was me that beat on his boy. Also the better chance that I'd lose my only lead on Elsa Lomack. Either he'd move her, or I'd be far to fucking late.

The Barrows were quiet tonight, that alone would unnerve the best of men. I checked the clip on my gun and the spares I had stashed in my shoulder holster. I could still feel the firm weight of the lead baton tucked up my sleeve. I had also snagged a new cell which I secured in my coat pocket. Tonight was going to be ugly and it was best to be prepared for anything. I knew that Sixx had Lomack, Horner had fed me what he knew. More importantly, he had also told me where to find him. The Crooked Cue, a pool hall in The Barrows that Sixx was using as a front. That meant a lot of armed guys waiting for someone like me to make a move. A lot of guys I was going to have to hurt.

I waited down the block from the Cue and lit a cigarette. Mike had promised to let me know what was up by 10pm, and I had a few minutes still. I smoked, watching the tendrils of fume wisp towards the pale glow of the streetlight, and pulled my collar a bit tighter as a soft patter of rain began to fall. I was on my second smoke when my pocket began to buzz. I flicked open the cell and opened the text message, it was from Mike and simply said 5 minutes. I clicked the phone shut and slid it into my pocket, finishing the cigarette in a long final puff. This is usually the moment people begin to worry, where their muscles tighten up and that empty pit inside your stomach threaten to empty itself on the sidewalk beneath you. That didn't happen to me though. I was ready to face this one on my feet.

I ground out the butt beneath my heel and walked towards the Cue. There was an alley way across from the club that I watched a battered Impala turn up into. Mike's Impala. I walked over to the alley as Mike got out. He was dressed in all black, but from the lump on his chest I could see he had a vest on. He looked at me, nodding. He pulled two pump action shotguns from the backseat and tossed me one. I had told him what had happened to Annie, and about Lomack. He had said that for once in his life, he felt like he needed to make a difference. He had been itching for a crack at Sixx since our days on the Force together. Besides he had said, he still owed me one for not turning him in when I testified.

We cocked the shotguns, and prepared to enter hell.

End of Line.

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