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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Movie Time!

Happy May Folks..

Another month sailed past already. Hard to believe.

I thought i would dedicate this post to all the great (and not so great) upcoming movies this summer. Compared to last years abysmal summer releases, there is a helluva lot coming out the next few months. I was thinking earlier about what good movies came out last year and there weren't that many. Pirates 2 was fun, but not better than the first, X3 was okay as well, but not better than the previous, Superman a disappointment. The only drag out flick I loved last year was V for Vendetta... a fist quarter release.

Aside from what I believe will be a smash hit in May, Spider man 3, we also get Pirates 3 (and with 2 breaking all those box office records you know it will do well, and Shrek 3 (with both previous flicks doing very well) coming in as the first great family film since Cars maybe, My is shaping up nicely. Spider man 3 by far I am looking forward to the most, but I will certainly see all three. I also look forward to 28 weeks later as I really liked the first one, and Captivity, a horror flick starring Elisha Cuthbert. I generally dislike horror movies, but I have a weak spot for Cuthbert who is just uber-hot. I am also intrigued that ads alone got NC 17 ratings (which is why you don't see too much on the film, so I gotta check it out.)

Looking farther down the line you get Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix, Fantastic Four 2, Transformers, Oceans Thirteen, Live Free or Die Hard, Evan Almighty, and the Bourne Ultimatum. Personally next to Spider man 3 I am eagerly awaiting Harry Potter 5. The books are great and all 4 movies have been super solid. Any film with Gary Oldman, Robbie Coltrane, Alan Rickman AND Ralph Fiennes... please its gonna rule.. and continue the trend of darkening and maturing Harry's world. (Yeah.. I am a Potter fan.. Cant wait for the last book too in July!!)

The rest of the films on the list I feel can be hit or miss. Die Hard 4 I want to be good so bad as I feel that it is one of the top series of all time... I just hope Bruce has one more yippe-ki-yay in him. The Bourne movies were good action flicks with decent plots.. and budgetarily it shouldn't be to bad. FF2 and Transformers both have big budgets and the possibility of bombing larger. Hell I think Transformers will bomb based on the fact that Bumblebee is a frickin Dodge Charger.... and those terrible flames on Prime... forget it.

I hope Evan Almighty does well.. Steve Carell is one of the most fearless comedians I have ever watched and Lauren Grahem (his wife in the flick) also gets the same pass as Elisha Cuthbert...I'll see it for her alone.

Anyway, my big picks are Spidey 3, Pirates 3, Shrek 3, and Potter 5.

Losers- Transformers, and FF2.

Hopes- Live Free or Die Hard

Also a few quick hits on the television front-
Fox canceled Drive... which royally sucks as I was really into that show.. I swear Nathan Fillion cant catch a break from FOX. It never even had a chance to develop. I hate it when shoes I like get canceled.

On the bright side.. Deadwood season 3 June 12!!!

Take it easy.

End of Line.

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