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Friday, July 31, 2009


Hey all,

Coming out of SDCC I actually added some sweet new vinyl to my collection. I didn't really have a great place to take some pics of what I got, plus I worked right up until the last day on one of the pieces. There were three main things that I picked up. First was the black exclusive variant of Mr. Shane Jessup's 8 inch Bunny Dunny, made by Kid Robot. Limited to only 200 pieces, I felt extremely lucky to be number 200. I also got it signed so that was an additional bonus.

The second piece has quickly established itself as one of my favorites. Tara McPherson, one of my favorite artists, took a blank white 3 inch Do-It-Yourself Munny figure from Kid Robot and customized a very quick, but very cool figure for me. The hot pink marker and detail on the sign is just perfect, and one of my favorite pieces in my Tara McPherson collection.

The final piece is one of the best. Last year you may recall I took an 8 inch Black Do-It-Yourself Munny to Con and had some of my favorite artists draw on it. It is one of the best pieces in my collection, so I decided to do that again this year, instead using a 12 inch Blank Do-It-Yourself Teddy Troop figure from Flying Fortress. It is a large blank bear with a detachable helmet and I thought it had a lot of great surface space to draw on. Once again I turned to some of my favorite artists, as well as to some new blood, to create and draw on the figure for me.

Overall on the piece I got the likes of vinyl and urban artists like Frank Kozik, Tara McPherson, Attaboy and Buff Monster (all of whom contributed to last years piece.) As well as new talent like Kathy Olivas, Brendt Peters, Kano, Angry Wobots, David Horvath and Peak-a-Boo Monster. I think the piece turned out brillantly and I am really happy as to how it turned out.

I also thought it appropriate to include some pictures from the live art show that we went to this past Thursday, where artists like Buff Monster and Attaboy contributed to the gig. It was a very cool experience, and not just because of the free flowing boobs. It was intense seeing the level of art and detail that some of the guys went to. All in all it was a great time to be a fan of vinyl toys. Enjoy some of the pics below...

One of the wall pieces at the the Live Art Show

Another piece from the show

One of the live art models....

Buff Monster's model taking a photo...

Attaboy at work...

Top down on my custom Teddy Troop. I took several angles so you can get the full scope.

Front and back of the Shane Jessup Dunny.

Ahh Tara McPherson's piece.

Hope you enjoyed the pics. The vinyl front is pretty low until the next series of Dunny launch later this year, so I'll be back with another column then. Thanks for reading!

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