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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Assorted Nuts

Happy July All!

Okay so basically My blog output has sucked balls lately. There is no other way to put it and be honest. I look at my posts last month and I can honestly say I am disappointed with myself. I have been spending to much time at work, not enough time on doing the things I want to do. So I am manning up this month. Twenty posts is the goal. A tough goal to with the amount of traveling I am doing. I will be on the road for nearly 3 weeks starting the 11th, for a convention at work and for Comic Con. After that is another week long trip in the beginning of August to Chicago so my guess is you will get some travel blog entries about the stuff I do. You can also count on daily Comic Con updates as well during my 5 days there.

That doesn't mean that I will skip my commitments for the blog. I mean I didn't even post up a Rewind post last month. So my next post will rectify that. I also have set up some guidelines for a return to The Darkest Dawn, new poetry, and the Sunday continuation of new Noir Story uninterrupted all month. I also will be working on some breakdowns for a new side story for my room mate, something i have been percolating a lot on, characters and settings to tell a series of interlocking stories that can be read as single issues. I can't say how excited I am to get started on it.

In conclusion I really feel the need to re-center my self on writing. Even though I am only writing for an audience of 2 or 3 people, my stories have always been for me, for what I love to do and to be honest, I feel like the last two months have been failures. Year to date I am not on the same track as I was last year and I should be posting at least 15 to 18 times a month for me to feel like I am having a healthy output. So if you give me another chance this month, I promise to make it right. Thanks for sticking with me.

End of Line.

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