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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Travel Blog; SDCC!

Hey all!

Day one of Comic Con has come and gone! Well technically it hasn't, just preview night, but still. For those out of the know, the San Diego Comic Con: International, or SDCC as I will hereby be referring to it, is the largest comic and pop culture convention in the world, with over 125,000 attendees every year. Everything from new movies and DVD releases, to vinyl toys, comic books (both old and new) to celebrities stumping their current gigs can be found there.

This marks my (gasp!) 17 annual trek to the show and by has it grown. Each day the hall is packed more and more, and preview night was no exception. The Con officially kicks off Thursday, but individuals who pre-register for 4 days get to have a sneak preview for 3 hours on Wednesday. As an old pro of attending, you know that Wednesday is usually the best day to spring forward on the Con exclusives and get the stuff you KNOW you are gonna want while supplies still last.

Truthfully, you don't so much see the con itself as run to each booth and pray that you are there in time to get access to the exclusives. We actually had a really good night, Jason managed to get almost everything he was looking for on the first night (which could be a bad thing) and Autumn found several items on her wish list. As for me, my exclusives don't drop until today, though I did find a wonderful black and white hardback comic called Bouncer from France. It is entirely in French so I can't read it, but I want to study it for purposes of the comic that Jason and me will hopefully be working on.

The highlight of my night was meeting one of my favorite artists, Tara McPherson again and actually having her recognize me. Kind of cool to be remembered as a fan that checks out her stuff every year and she signed a couple of vinyls for me this year, though I will make at least one or 2 more trips to see her and get some more stuff.

Today its all about landing my vinyl exclusive and just checking out the booths and the con hall. Taking some pictures and having a good time at the hall. I am not really on the lookout for anything else, except for a couple of early release products for artist James Jean. I will have pictures and more to update on as the con progresses. See you inside!!

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