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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Bad

Hey all,

Quick bonus post today. I tried to do some work on my laptop on the plane, but space was tight and I couldn't get the screen opened all the way. So instead I just grabbed my journal and wrote a couple of poems. Don't know if they are that great, re-reading them now 2 days later to transport them to the blog and they don't resonate the same way I would like them to do.

That Jenny Lewis concert was so touching and moving, she got me back into wanting to do some moody emotional stuff. Below was my first attempt. I tired to use a repeating pattern but I don't know if that helped or hurt the poem. Enjoy it as you please.

The Bad

I thought impure thoughts,

And prayed for unholy wroths.

Dreamed the darkest dreams,

Pulled at the worlds failing seams.

I fought losing fights,

And fell hard from dizzying heights.

Failed at all life's test,

And suffered just like the rest.

I hurt unseen hurts,

And soiled even the blackest dirts.

Stained every soul I touched,

And robbed each fool as such.

I lived a foul life,

And relished it's pain and strife.

Broken every trust I had,

And warmed myself in all the bad.

I bled out my blood,

And watched my life turn to mud.

Poured from each vein I cut,

And my life became an endless rut.

I died another death,

And saw no one grow bereft.

Buried beneath a cold slate,

And found welcome at Hell's Gate.

End of Line.

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