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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hey all,

Here is the third poem I wrote while I was in Orlando two weeks ago. I actually wrote this on the return flight from Orlando. There was a very pretty girl sleeping just across the aisle from me and I wrote this poem while watching her sleep. I hope that doesn't sound creepy, she was just so serene and quiet that it inspired me to wrote this poem. A sort of ode to sleeping love and the soft moments alone with that special someone.


You closed your eyes,

And fell to dream.

A rest of quiet slumber,

Into the unconscious stream.

I hear your breath,

And your chest does slowly rise.

The sweet sounds of sleep,

As I watch your body lie.

Eyes so softly pressed shut,

Your lips pursed so sublime.

My precious slumbering angel,

For now until the end of time.

A halo in rest,

Around your bless'ed face.

Begging to be caressed,

The sight's more than my heart can take.

The blankets pulled so snug,

Nestled deep into your pillow.

I can watch you sleep for hours,

As all my anxiety grows mellow.

There is no easy way to say,

How it is you make me feel.

But when I watch you fall to sleep,

It all becomes so much more real.

So off now to find sweet sleep,

And close each shining eye.

My love is always yours,

For my until the day I die.

Slumber fast my heart,

As hours tick to wake.

Sound and perfect in your dreams,

I love you more than I can take.

End of Line.

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