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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Hey all,

As promised a bonus post today, here is one of the poems I wrote while I was in Orlando. This poem was not a finished work, unlike the one I posted a few days ago, or the other two that are in my journal. This was written from scraps on an incident that actually happened at con. One of the female managers in our group sat beside me at one of the learning electives and asked me to put her arm around her because she was cold. She was young and pretty and to be honest it felt nice.

There were rumors that she was dating one of the head Ops directors in the state and that they were currently on the outs. I can' confirm or deny that they were, but things did seem a little strained between the two of them. Maybe it was my imagination. There were several times through the week that we were together, and I always caught just a hint of melancholy off of her. Even at the Disney Studio, when some of the supervisors conspired to get the director to sit with another attractive girl that was there alone (and subsequently adopted by our group) I could feel something sad in her. We sat together on a few rides and I felt bad for her.

Look maybe I was simply imagining it too. I don't know. All I do know is that sitting with her on my arm, head on my shoulder, felt nice. The story and the words that are in the poem are from my head, but the feeling was there. Hope you enjoy.


You sat beside me and huddled close,

Put my arm around you, seemed so morose.

Told me to hold you tight and not let go,

So sad and alone, heartbroken moreso.

Hot, salty tears that ran down your face,

No one to turn to in your disgrace.

I rubbed your arms, they felt so cold.

Your hurt so deep into the fold.

Shaking sobs, I couldn't quell,

At this dark place you chose to dwell.

Yet in your pain I felt alive,

In my arms I felt my heart thrive.

Distraught and hurt, but you're so close,

But in my arms I find repose.

A dulling ache that flushed bright,

As I hold you close, so tight.

So sad, so lovely in your pain,

What I feel I must then feign.

To raw, to real to say it true,

I want to feel that way about you.

But I hold my tongue and offer faint word,

Murmurs of comfort that won't be quite heard.

Soft caress across pale skin,

Wishing I knew just how to begin.

Crying out all your sweet tears,

Trying to release all those pent up fears.

I kiss your head, so gentle and sad,

The smell of your hair as you recall what you had.

Your skin is so smooth, your heart is so rough,

As I utter some words to make you feel more tough.

So here I will wait as you run yourself free,

Of the anguish and pity and all that disagree.

I hurt like you but its locked inside,

Each moment that passes a little more has died.

I found comfort where you found rejection,

And I will hold tight to the connection.

Your warmth and heat at arms reach,

Waiting for a chance of speech,

Of love, or loss, or requiems kiss.

Instead of the sad truth of remiss.

End of Line.

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