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Monday, July 13, 2009

Travel Blog: Orlando

Hey all!

Welcome to what will probably be a fairly rare recurring feature, though over the next few weeks will see a huge blog dump. I decided since I will be doing so much traveling, Orlando, Chicago, and San Diego over the coming weeks that I should keep a travel blog. Anytime I do any kind of trip, I will attempt to update the days activities on the blog.

Departed Phoenix around 9 am this morning and had a fairly mild flight, just over 4 hours non stop. I had really hoped to get some work done on my laptop, but the seat arrangements made it impossible to get the screen all the way open,, though luckily I brought my journal and managed to write some poetry. I will attempt to upload them over the next few days. Mostly I sat and listened to my IPod, easily one of the best purchases ever. I also finished a really wonderful book, the autobiography of Groucho Marx, entitled Groucho and Me.

After arrival we checked into the quite luxurious Peabody Hotel, the one that has the ducks that walk through the lobby once a day. After a quick freshening up, we headed for the opening ceremony.his year the opening ceremony was really just a meet and greet, not the usual RAH-RAH chants of the past. See usually it consists of a series of speeches by corporate big wigs who tell us how great it is to work for us. Then it will be interrupted by some bands or music and games, then more speeches. This year was a very casual setting, better meal services than in the past, but at least the bar was open. Beers and wines only of course. Still I entered the annual karaoke contest, doing both Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" and Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue" I pretty much sucked but at least it was fun. In the spirit of fun though I did get one of those Henna tattoos. You know, where they airbrush a stencil on your you. I got a pretty sweet Tramp Stamp (on my lower back) of a heart with angel wings. I was laughing so hard that it is totally crooked but damn it was funny to see people's expressions. The only downside is that I am gonna be scrubbing at this thing for a good week! Ahh, the fickle price of comedy.

After a few hours of revelry, we headed back to the hotel for another fresh up, and proceeded to hit a few bars with some of the corporate team. Hey, I got a series of free drinks so it was all good. Eventually we settled on a piano bar that was playing some pretty good music. We stayed about 2 hours, listening to everything from more Journey to AC/DC. I think everyone had a good time, plus it didn't cost me a penny and that suited me fine, especially 4 Rusty Nails later.

A quick jog home and it finds me in my hotel I decided to throw this post up, and I will try to post every night I am here. Down below you can see a few of the pics I snapped. See you tomorrow.

Me singing some Johnny Cash

Me at the "American Idol" Kareoke Judging, Dawg.

Out on the Town

Crazy building that was Closed, built totally upside down, right across from our hotel.

End of Line.

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