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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flash Fiction: Noir Story

Chapter 11

The cabbie dropped me off in front of the Lady and I knew something was amiss. The bouncer was off the door, leaving it unattended. I threw a $20 in the front seat and bolted out the door. I hit the wet steps of the club in one leap and plowed through to the chaos within. I looked and saw Tiny and the doorman surrounding another man who had a knife to a girls throat. I moved in slowly, listening to him rant about how his wife had left him and that he was so tired of being alone. Rant about how this girl had loved him. She had told him so. Crazed thoughts that she was cheating on him with all these guys.

I breathed a small sigh of relief that the girl wasn't Annie he was holding. She was a petite blond with breasts at least 2 sizes to big for her frame. I looked around but didn't see Annie anywhere. I continued creeping up on the john. He had the look of a man on to much of something, drugs, liquor, whatever. His hand shook as he held the knife to the girls throat. He wasn't pressing hard, sort of just wavering it about and I knew I could make a move if the time was right.

Tiny caught my eye as I crept around behind him. All the attention was on him and he kept spewing rants about how this girl loved him and all that. Tiny shook his head no every so slightly, like that was gonna stop me from making a move. Tiny and the bot bouncer kept close as I snuck around behind him. He was still shouting as I brought my arms up in front of me. The perp had reached near sonic pitch as I came up behind him and I watched a trail of piss run down the strippers leg. This shit was gonna end now.

In one move I darted in, throwing my right arm under his and driving it wide. I could feel him flex against my forearm but I steeled my muscles to lock them out. The knife drew wide but away from the girls throat as I brought my left hand into a fist, punching his kidney as hard as I could. I felt him grunt in pain and his body swing around, my arm losing its hold on his knife hand as he swerved to face me. As his arm came back around I threw myself closer, driving my forehead into the bridge of his nose. I could hear the cartilage break and feel the wet, hot stickiness as his nose was crushed. Staggered now, I threw another punch across his jaw before Tiny and his boy grabbed the perp. They dragged him towards the rear exit, where I knew he was about to receive a far worse beating than the one I gave him. A couple of the other girls helped his hostage up, and I saw Annie staring at me from the stage entrance, a smile on her lips. Score one more for the good guys.

End of Line.

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