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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Travel Blog: Orlando

Day 2
Hey all,

Sorry I missed the blog dump last night. Let's just say it involved a lot of drinking, but I will get to that in a bit.

Tuesday morning came bright and early and with a minimal amount of fuss. I did have a few drinks the night before, but there were almost no after effects the next day. We headed down to the convention itself for the opening ceremony and to prowl the convention floor. Mind you this IS a McDonalds convention, so its not always the most thrilling stuff you are looking at, but all the convention staff try really hard to keep the events and activities fun and exciting. The bummer was that cameras were not allowed on the convention floor itself, so I don't have that many pictures.

I spent most of the day on the floor completing my booth activities, we have to do this punch card of 15 booth experiences, plus 2 learning electives or the whole day and get a special pin at the end of each one. I actually did all but one of my electives, and 2 booths the first day, so my second day would be light. Overall I learned a few valuable assets that I can apply to my business and did a bit of networking.

That night though is when things got out of control. We had a "free night" which actually meant an organized dinner with our whole market. We went to B.B. King's Restaurant, which offered a variety of soul and seafood combinations, mostly barbecue. I had the catfish and the B.B. House Brew, a nice amber flavored beer. For dessert, Deep Fried Snickers Pie (YUM!) and a PINT of Pabst. After dinner we headed to a bar called Adobe Gila's and proceeded to get our drink on. I seriously had to much to drink and lost actual count after about hour two. It is very hard to quit when people keep buying you free rounds of Rusty Nails...

We did leave and hit up a popular dance club, but got bored quickly and went back to the bar, where we stayed until it closed. All I can say is that there was a lot of drinking done and honestly in the morning most of us was feeling it, especially me. Up until today, I have had exactly one hangover. Now you can mark me as having two. To be honest, I shrugged it off after a couple of hours, and an extensive stint in the restroom throughout the day but mostly I just think it had been a long time sine I drank that much.

OH! I also broke into the second round of karaoke! Amazing right? I entered it as a goof, but actually made it in on my Johnny Cash cover of "A Boy Named Sue." It was a huge surprise and the grand prize is an all expenses paid trip to Vancouver to carry the Olympic Flag at the next Olympics!!! We have to sing in front of one of the American Idol producers or directors for the show on the final night, one accapella song and 2 others of a set play list. I am nervous but excited. I will post an update on that as soon as I get the results. Down below are a couple of pictures that I did manage to snap. Enjoy!

Myself and a few of my co-managers outside the hall.

Fried Catfish at B.B. Kings!

Now that's what I call dessert!

End of Line.

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