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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Summer Days

Hey all,

Finished this poem as part of a four part series I hope to wrap up next year. The other 2 poems I wrote involved the changing of the seasons, Autumn to Winter, and Winter to Spring. This one from Summer to Fall. I sort of skipped Spring to Summer. I tried to write it earlier in the year and I couldn't get a good grip on the poem that I liked. Really I couldn't finish it. I'm trying to keep with the earlier patterns set up in the other poems, shorter in length, only 10 to 12 lines. This is probably not my best attempt, though I did like a few lines. Hope you enjoy.

Summer Days

Summer days grow shorter now.

Soon the harvest wrought with plow.

Hotter times to blow in cool,

For 'tis Season's turn to pass the rule.

Sunny rays to shine in less,

The turning time for year's recess.

Months of play now come to end,

For Autumn's moment now must descend.

As greener leaves shall color rust,

Blossomed flowers wither to dust.

The holidays shall soon be near,

As summer days pass into clear.

End of Line.

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