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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Resident Evil Extinction

Hey all,

*still no damn spellcheck and I'm too tired to catch it all*

Caught Resident Evil 3 on Friday. I enjoyed the first two films in the trilogy for what they were, zombie popcorn movies. Hot girls fighting zombies with enough of a plot to keep you interested in what's next. Not great movies but certainly entertaining. Resident Evil 1 did a good job of creating a kind of claustrophobic sense of horror and action with enough twists and surprises admist the action to keep it going. Two took the idea of a the zombie apocalypse and ran with it, giving us a bigger score of what could happen.

With 3, I wasn't certain that they new what they wanted to do, keep the fights intimate and personal in some scenes, and go widescale in the next. The plot os defiantely the loosest of the three with th filmakers taking whatever loose ends they could grasp to find more reason for the evil Umbrella Corp to want Milla Jovovitch's character again. I also thought giving her psionic ability was kind of lame. The ending is also a teriible idea that if given the chance of a fourth film, will certainly be overlooked. You should certainly wait for video on thsi one.

Jason and myslef also determined that anytime more than one Milla Jovovitch are on screen at the same time (it should be no surprise that they are cloning her as evidenced in RE:2) that the plural of her name is Jovovi. Hey made me laugh.

End of LIne.

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