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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Possibility Unbound

Hey all!

Trying to find a new comfort level posting from Jason's computer. I think I was getting in a good rhythm before and since my brother took back the PC I have been a lot more inconsistant with my posting. I am really going to try to keep up with more frequent posts with a target of at least 15 a month.

Here is a poem I wrote today, definatly coping with some anxiety. Thanks for reading.

Possibility Unbound

In the darkest hours before the dawn,

With baited breath is tension drawn.

This sleepless night shall find no rest,

The time is soon for courage's test.

Restless tossing to and fro,

Ominous rumblings churn below.

Close my eyes to find lost dreams,

Hard to focus with nerves pulling at the seams.

I fear not man, nature, nor beast.

Yet deep inside finds bravery the least.

And as the hour draws more near,

Sounding this symphony of fear.

Shore my walls for fresh assault,

And hope against new found fault.

Must conquer now this daunting task,

Ony in victory retained then I may bask.

Soon to step from familar ground,

Towards this land of possibility unbound.

Move each foot with fervent gait.

Only then shall these feeling satiate,

Give not in to pressures curse.

And all that's wrong shall find reverse.

Hold tight this chance to be true.

And unlock this experiance so strange and new.

Here she comes I must not fail.

Neither courage waivered nor color pale.

Together now the time had come,

And all my worries did then succumb.

Faded away into the calm,

A moment arrived with great aplomb.

In this second it all felt right,

And I wondered why this caused me such plight.

End of Line.

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