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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hold The Faith

Hey all,

Here's another poem. I hope I am not retreading to much ground with this poem, as I have certainly handled these topics before, hopefully you are okay with it. Writing this poem was little different than usual. I normally work on something mentally in advance for at least topic or have an idea for a rhyme or two. Here I just sat at the computer and wrote it. I think it took maybe 15 or 20 minutes. Not long at all. I just started writing what seemed to want to come out. That's the point right?

Anyway thanks as always for your support.

Hold the Faith

Now and then I wonder why,

How time and oppertunity pass me by.

Because so many others seem so favored,

Yet my luck comes forced and labored,

When will it be my time to act,

To feel the opposing forces attract.

And know the joy from that special bond,

Clutching to that purpose from the beyond.

So many times I've felt this emptiness,

This emotions failure to again regress.

So here I wait for you to fill me whole,

And praise your virtues to extol.

Kneel my head and ask again,

Close this thought with solemn amen.

A fleeting hope for brand new love,

From a winged messenger above.

Looking to those Heaven's for an answer,

A cure for this hollow soul's cancer.

To know if God has favored prayer,

Then lay all these feelings to bear.

But another day's passed still the same.

Shoulders heavy with self blame.

Hold the faith that He will send.

A blessed angel of my own in the end.

End of Line.

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