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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Merry-Go-Round Now Broken Down

Hey all!

I was reading earlier today about the difficulty some parents were having after the loss of thier children. I wrote this poem in pieces at work just touching up a few lines in the translation at home. I also realized while writing this there isn't a good rhyme for the word negligent, so I changed two lines a little. I am pretty happy with the outcome. Just a little note, the title of the poem is a slightly reworded title of the tune Roger Rabbit sings in the speakeasy in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I thought it kind of added a totally different feeling for the poem. Hope you all enjoy.

One more note, my brother took back his PC and I am posting this from Jason's Mac and for some reason on his computer Blogger's spellcheck is down, as well as the ability to put the poem in italics. I'll correct it as soon as I'm able, please understand.

Merry-Go-Round Now Broken Down

Happier days from yesteryear,

All now pass into the clear.

The echoes dim with the march of time,

As laughter fades to silent crime.

The swingset sways in solitary breeze,

And sandbox empty of a joyous reprise.

These forgotten toys left thrown around,

The merry-go-round now broken down.

His room now left a slighted mess,

Her's the same in decor and dress.

And though they spend small time there,

They'll remain the same, an homage prayer.

For each new day brings fresh assualt,

Self made blame lies here in fault.

Guilt and fear now barb the crown,

A loathing pity to claim new victim's drown.

Fresher tears for each new day.

This costly price forced to pay.

Why are the young so often taken,

And the parents the ones forsaken?

End of Line.

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