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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sounds of Light and Fury (Self Titled 2.0)

Hey all!

*Quick Note
Jason's Mac still won't let me access spell check so I will do my best.

Sorry that I haven't posted in a few days. I am having one of those long grinding weeks where I just don't like my job all that much and I am feeling tired and down. That's where this poem came from. I wrote it piecemail over a few days at work, just spotting lines as they came to me on moments while at work. I didn't really work on it in 1 or 2 sittings like I normally do. This poem is a big departure from my usual formula of 1 or 2 longer attempts to write. I think I caught my current mood pretty well, though I certainly tried to do a little poerty for poetry's sake in the words themselves. I also utilized the blog title as the title of the poem.

Sounds of Light and Fury started out as just a really nerdy in-joke, but for me has evolved into a sort of life phrase for my experiances. The Sounds of Light and Fury are the things in my life that find reason to give me hope or happiness, the driving forces of life. Hopefully you can find your own things that fill you and make you want to fight for the things you love. I used this title in one of my earlier poems (called Self Titled) where the phrase meant something different, hearkening the end of times. Like many things our tastes and interpretations evolve, and I may even use the title again if I feel it can further enhance the meaning. I hope you like this poem. I do.
Thanks for reading.

The Sounds of Light and Fury

Exhausted shell of wicked refuse,

So hurt and tired from the abuse.

And all about me feels so weary,

The future recourse a lonely dreary.

Can't see the end from where I begin.

Just the same old starting point all over again.

For all that I am is battered and beat.

On this endless cycle of shuffling repeat.

So sick to my heart of this daily grind,

Collapsing again to my own numb mind.

Craving a change that will never come.

The will to march shall soon succumb.

Now I feel an age beyond own years,

Suffrage given in silent tears.

Forced to repeat my own worn monotony,

To broken to fight damnable lethargy.

The only part left now stretched to break,

A pound of flesh the cost to take.

This candle now gone from both ends lit,

All that remains is no longer fit.

Betrayed by mind, body, and soul.

To worn out to recover the whole.

And no more is left for this piper to pay,

No service to render exhaustion's allay.

All I dream is to close these eyes.

Sweet reprise from self imposed lies.

But reality beacons at every call,

An insistance of giving with each and all.

So all that was bright has faded to blurry,

To silence the Sounds of Light and Fury.

End of Line.

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