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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Away The Days

Hey all,

With me working so many long days and hours, I haven't had too much going on to post about, nor the real desire as I have been so tired. I also think I have caught a bit of a cold, and that's not helping. I have found a sort of spont for poetry of late, through breaks in working and during some meetings we have had this week.

I finished this poem last night. It's sort of another darker poem about battling addictions and loss, a topic I have touched on before, but hopefully you'll enjoy.

Away the Days

Staring out over this empty cup.

Don't know what's down or up.

Order up another round,

To slip away amidst the calling sound.

And in this frame of my mind,

Create a state that remorse can't find.

Wash down the sins of the past,

Without this drink they everlast.

Only now can I stand the pain,

But in the morning hangover shall regret remain.

Though until those passing hours.

The drink shall soothe away what threaten devours.

Herald soon the sound of last call.

One more step back closer to my fall,

It matters not if well or beer,

Anything to chase away the fear.

For soon these feelings shall flow to surface,

And give this bottle sense renewed purpose.

Swirl the dregs and think of you.

Reminded now of loss anew.

Couldn't take addiction's cost,

Left me now in my drink so lost.

When you come back I can change my ways,

Until that time I'll drown away the days.

End of Line.

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