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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

True Story Time!

Hey all!

Well, I know it has been some time since I last posted another strange but true story that happened to me and even I have to say that yesterday was a doozy! So it seems that yours truly, your humble narrator if this tale, was questioned by the police for my possible involvement in a murder case. Yeah... that's right, a murder.

Okay, to be fair it was probably considered more of a homicide cases, but the effect is the same that the police questioned ME! Here is the rundown, I am at home, minding my own business, surfing the 'net and prepping to write another blog entry at about 5:00pm. I hear the door bell ring so I spring up and answer it. To my surprise there are two uniformed police officers waiting for me. Then they start in on the questions. The following is not verbatim, just how I remember it being asked.

"Are you Gerrad McConnell?"

"Yes I am."

"Do you drive a Ford Mustang?"

"Yes I do."

"Is it black?"

"No its charcoal gray."

"Where you driving last night around 11:00pm?"

"Let me think... yeah I was I was probably almost back to work by then."

"How about around 4:00am? Were you driving then as well?"

"Yeah I could have been, I think I left work around 3:45 or 4:00am I guess. What's going on?"

Look, by this point the police are in my house and I have taken a seat and am pretty much ready to shit my pants. I don't know what is going on but I sincerely do not want to not answer any questions or do any thing to make me look guilty of anything because I knew I hadn't done anything. Finally after about the longest 20 minutes or so of questioning in my life, they start to fill in the blanks.

Apparently there was a hit and run accident on Monday night around 11:00pm by reportedly a dark or black Mustang. The kind of car I drive at the time I was driving. The hit and run had ended up killing someone, and fleeing from the scene made it now a homicide. There was also a report on a dark Mustang driving erratically around 4:00am Tuesday morning. That Mustang was apparently me. Someone called in my license number and claimed that I was driving unsafely around that time.

Now I freely admitted during questioning that I was super tired on my way home from work. I had worked a 10 hour day earlier from 7am to 6pm give or take, then when back in at around 11pm for inventory reasons and left at like 4am or so, so yea I might have been close to exhausted. Still I don't remember driving erratically , I do remember sing along to Weezer at the top of my lungs around where the call was reported. So maybe I was driving erratically I don't know, but still this is not adding up nicely for me.

The police were on the trail of the hit and run driver, and this call about a very similar Mustang was a lead that added up. Dark Mustang hitting a car, another call about a dark Mustang driving erratically. It was a pretty smart answer to put two and two together to deduce that they could be the same car. Add in the fact that you have the license plate number of my car and you have your first lead.

Anyway once all the details were filled in I told them to go check out my car. There was no kind of body damage to the car indicative of being in a hit and run. I was even telling the cops to check out the level of dirt on the car, there was no way that it had been doctored to look like it hadn't been in an accident.

At this point they believed that I wasn't involved, that I was just driving the wrong kind of car at the wrong kind of times but it still was a very crazy experience. To even think that I was being questioned in a murder case is crazy! I mean at some kind of point in my life the karma swing has to come back around right? Or maybe my karma is that bad shit happens to me but in the end it works out. I don't know. I mean, why does the craziest shit keep happening to me? How many other people do you know that have been questioned in a murder investigation?

I can kind of see the humor in the situation now, but for about 20 minutes there, I was really freaked out. How's that for some crazy shit!

End of Line.

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