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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Assorted Nuts!

Hey all,

So no one knows better than me how spastic this publishing schedule has been. I just have really hit a wall with this series and I need to find my passion again for it. This chapter originally was a little longer, but I thought this seemed like a better breaking point so I cut it here. While I have the next few chapters planned out, I just haven't had the motivation to write this story.

I am thinking about adding another series of short stories in between to tell a story to get the juices flowing again. I have a few ideas, one for a drama, one for more of a sci-fi bend, and another western, this in a more classic tone.

I also want to keep working on some new poetry to stay strong with the posts. The other problem is that I am suffering from a new video game bug, specifically the new game Left 4 Dead. Even now I want to get online and play, I really like the motif and play style where it is a shooter, but the bend is for co-op playing and you have to be a team, its not a 1 on 8 frag fest. The co-op feature has me hooked!

Also with the Cardinals in the playoffs and making a deep run this has really kept me pre-occupied. Anyway, I'll try to post more this week and stay on track!

End of Line.

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