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Friday, January 16, 2009

Never, or A Brutal Afterglow

Hey all,

Comprised below is a poem written as I was stuck on the side of the road. My car had broken down, my battery cables having literally melted away to nothingness. I was sitting on a rock looking at my car, waiting for the tow truck to show up. Though I surely was in a bad place mentally with all the problems I seem to be having with my house and my car and the monetary issues they represent, I took this as an omen to get out my travel journal and write.

This was another rare case where I had the title for the poem in my head before writing it, the thought of an ending relationship, forlorn from the start, and that is left is the brutal afterglow of what you had. The words seemed to resonate with me at any rate.

When I found my rhythm (very quickly I might add) actually, the repeating structure of the first lines of each stanza just seemed a very natural fit. So while Never is probably the better title, I just couldn't seem to shake the phrase. In the end, I was pretty happy with how it turned out, especially as it seemed to come very easily over the course of the hour or so I spent on it. Enjoy or lament as you will.

Never, or A Brutal Afterglow

Would that you had never kissed me,

And all the fleeting days since then,

Had never truly com to happen,

Past away to history, never seen again.

That I'd never felt your lips,

Oh! A sweeter taste I'd never known.

Succumbed the urge to passions grip,

Even the memory makes me more alone.

If I'd never closed my eyes,

And dreamed of what could be,

The possibility of our love,

Had blinded me to pending agony.

Would that you had never held me close,

And locked yourself inside my heart.

For that you are not around,

My world has seemed to fall apart.

That I'd never longed for you,

Prayed so hard that you'd be mine.

All I noticed was my love,

Ignoring all the obvious signs.

If I'd never fell in love,

Then now I'd not feel so low.

You broke my heart and went away,

All that's left 'tis a brutal afterglow.

End of Line.

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