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Friday, January 23, 2009


Hey all,

So anyone who reads this blog (like both of you) knows that I have like 3 controlling interests in my life, writing, comic books, and my latest craze, collectible vinyl art toys. Specifically toy manufacturer Kidrobot's 3 inch vinyl line, Dunnys. I've posted before anytime they launch a new series. which on average is about twice a year. They rolled out early this year with a brand new line of 17 figures by some of the United Kingdoms best urban artists, people like Julie West, Jon Burgerman, CLUTTER, and Shok 1 among others.

Typically they roll out two series a year, the next numerical series that has a medley of artists from around the world, of which they rolled out with series 5 towards the end of last year, and a theme series. Some of the themes from past series have been New York, L.A., French, and Azteca (Spanish /South American) featuring artists from these sections of the globe. This theme was the UK. I have to say that despite liking the last two series (Series 5 and French) they have been weaker launches than past series. For me, this is the best series they have done in a while. My room mate Jason, his girlfriend Autumn, and myself went in on a case and pretty much finished the set, except for two of the figures, one of the hard to get chases (though we did get the other) and a mystery figure, both of which I am sure we will track down.

We headed out for the local vinyl and urban toy store, Red Hot Robot as they typically run a launch party whenever new series come out. What is great about the parties are the cool prizes the owner gives away and the sweet snacks he rolls out with, this time coordinating a lot of the prizes with English themed treats including English beers, snacks, and candy. It was cool. You can also trade for stuff you may need than another person has extra of. Trading may be the best part of it as sometime you can strike a good deal. With the French series we got all but one through trades (though I came across the other later) and with this we are just two short. I'll post some picks up top for you to enjoy.

Truth be told, my favorite artist, Tara McPherson, has a whole series all to herself rolling out in March or May so that is definitely something I am looking forward to to tie me over until the next release of Series 6. The party was cool and I always like heading down to Red Hot to get my vinyl fix! Take a look and maybe you can see how cool some of these pieces of collectible art are!

Thanks for reading!

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