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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Flash Fiction: The Darkest Dawn

Chapter 21

My mind was screaming at me to unleash the power I was holding in upon the User and finish my job. My skin boiled and bubbled, like a raging flood of golden lava and the walled of section of my sub-conscious was threatening to let the damned off wall of pain free that I had forced down. All I could make myself do was stare at Allegra. My sister. So beautiful and so angry.

She landed smoothly, her liquid golden wings drawing in behind her and walked ever so calmly beside me. My Second Sight still flared as she walked towards me, her aura throwing off more colors than I had ever seen anyone use, from Red's and Green's to Orange and Blue, she held more power within than I could hope. She made no threatening move towards me, but I could still see that sneer on her face. Finally she broke the tense silence between us.

"Alex dear brother, I am so happy and so sad at the same time. I have expended much effort to bring you to me. Much effort indeed. Yet here I find you, unable to even control your own form. Pathetic really."

As she walked her skin rippled subtly, lines of power running through her perfect form. She moved her golden spear into her left hand and smoothed her long hair out of her eyes as she spoke again. As she spoke again, she walked around me in a slow circle.

"You could have had so much potential my brother had you not become so....sullied by the likes of these mere mortals you care about so. We are the only two beings like us in the world. Beings so powerful even the Lords of Light and Dark fear our wake. It is not to late though for you, you could still realize your potential, still join the side of right. The end is coming. I will marshal the charge and free the Earth of the blights of impurity."

I stood silent as she spoke, my eyes never leaving her. My skin boiled and erupted, churning with discontent and power. The rage inside was threatening to spill out, but I could do nothing as she spoke.

"Alex, I can be merciful. All Gods can be merciful. Look around us. Look as my charges attack those you believe you care about. This little fray means NOTHING to me. Nothing. It is all designed to bring you out, so that you can see the Light. I want you Alex. Join with me, your sister, the only one in the world who knows what it is like to be you. You will see what a God can do. As a token of my generosity, I shall grant you these poor souls. It matters not in the end whether they live or die in this moment. For the purification of Earth shall happen."

She had stopped circling at this point, the tell tale signs of battle still rang clear in the background. She walked towards the user and placed a hand on his shoulder. Her touch passed through the shielding around him like it wasn't even there. She slowly caressed his neck, softly, before her beautiful face turned dark and her skin flowed over the User. He struggled for a moment before the searing fire drowned out his screams. She stood stoically as the backlash of power exploded around her and the body of the User fell to the ground, a burned out husk. Smoke rising from the shell that once was human, now burnt like thin paper. She gently kicked off the ground, taking flight, and turned back to me, her face once again beautific.

"You see Alex, this is my gift to you. Think upon what I have said. You can still correct all these years of mistakes, just pledge your allegiance to the Light, and we can usher in a new age of purity to this Earth. Think upon what I have said, for when next we meet, God may not be as merciful."

It was now that I finally caught my voice. Shoving the pain and the anger down into the corner of my mind, I summoned the words through gritted teeth.

"Listen lady, I don't give a fuck who you are. Light side, sister, God... I don't fucking care. You come down to my town and try to start some shit, we are gonna have an issue. I'll die before that happens."

"Ah Alex, so naive. Still, it is the heat of the moment, you should really consider my offer. I can teach you how to control your powers. I can show you the true meaning of godhood. Think on what I have said, for we shall see each other very soon."

She took flight, along with several other of the Greater Flight demons as the battle died down. I stood out in the sun watching her fade away into the light. I stood there until the pain of my transformation flooded over me and I could stand it no longer. My body an aching wave of agony, the heat rippling off my bubbling flesh. I managed to walk back towards the house before I collapsed. I remember the last thing I said before the blackness drew me in.

"Not again Juliet. Not again."

End of Line.

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