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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year's Eve

Hey all,

Here is a poem on the passing of time, especially around New Year's Eve. That is a window of time that has me feeling especially reflective. I hope you like the poem, I wanted to find a theme that wasn't about washing away the old year with the new, but in finding that sometimes you don't want things to end. What is it like to wish that time didn't pass.

At any rate this was my first attempt at creative writing in almost 2 weeks so I feel a bit rusty, but overall I am very happy that I managed to finish the poem. I am sure that a few extra read throughs and some fine tuning could improve it, but I once read that a poem is never finished, just abandoned. I think that is a good sentiment. I don't like over thinking poetry. To much though clouds emotion and more than one or two attempts at a poem changes what originally drove the author to write it. Anyway, thanks for reading!

New Year's Eve

This is a day of ending,

The final tick falls off the clock.

And as the year runs itself out,

It's time to keep the past under key and lock.

Swept away are the thoughts to fade.

Trickling by into the past,

Forgotten moments that can't come again,

And burning memories that ever last.

The Dawn of a brand new year,

Holds a promise of times to come.

Shiny and new the days arrive,

Though the past feels so much less alive.

Tears are shed for what I've lost,

The fear at what still lies ahead.

Soon they'll be but a dream,

A story now you've already said.

Seconds now are all that's left,

On this the time of a New Year's Eve.

I fold my heart and say farewell,

And wonder what is left to believe.

The happy moments that have past,

The melancholy days of yesteryear.

Have closed up upon itself,

Trapping me in the same fraught fears.

The second hand strikes at twelve,

And the gonging chimes sound the end.

Goodbye to that which once was,

A funeral of time I called my friend.

I rage against the closing year,

And the days that fell behind,

Bracing myself for a future,

That I'm so unprepared to find.

End of Line.

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