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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Risk

Hey all,

This poem was written in the waning hours of Tuesday morning. It is actually my third attempt at writing a poem today. I wrote 1 or 2 stanzas of the other poems but i just couldn't find the feel, though I knew I had a poem inside of me waiting to be written. It may be a re-tread of familiar territory, but I like how it came out. Let me know what you think!

The Risk

Why cannot I tell you true?

For what cold fear holds my rule?

An iron grasp around my heart,

Lost in a maze no map can chart.

My fear stained mind cannot escape,

This quandary that my heart has shaped.

It seems so easy to tell you thus,

That you plus me could equal us.

But when we meet all thoughts then flee,

Though deep within I'd wish you'd see,

How much I love you with all my soul,

And that without you I can't be whole.

If I tell you how I really feel,

And lay true that which I conceal,

Will you find my love inside?

A smoldering ember where I reside.

Or will you say what I fear,

And utter words I loathe to hear.

Will the risk outweigh the chance?

Can I find this sweet romance?

Risk, reward of each has measure,

Though which one contains the treasure,

Of broken heart and cracked resolve,

Or a future bright which I evolve.

So that if I keep this silent tongue,

Then our love shall never be begun.

These feelings strong may not subside,

And each new day a bit more died.

I'd pine for you 'till days do end,

And you would see just a friend.

Though if my love did I proclaim,

I fear that you'd not feel the same.

Could you love one such as I?

It seems more likely you'd deny.

Would we then go separate ways,

From an awkwardness we couldn't allay.

I value you inside my life,

Despite these feelings held so rife,

I need for you, to be near,

So I pray one day that you'll hear,

These words that I've buried low,

Just that I love you so.

End of Line.

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