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Monday, December 29, 2008


Hey all,

Hope the Christmas holiday was a good one. I have to say Christmas this year was fantastic. I got two great books, one about creating the comic book masterpiece The Watchmen (of which the film version is due next year) and a particularly fascinating book on the letters of correspondence of the late great Groucho Marx. Truthfully though, this was a very vinyl Christmas.

Still caught in the throws of our vinyl art toy obsession, my room mate, his girlfriend, and I truly chased after some really special work. It is a convenient bit that each of us have our own favorite creators, though there is a decent amount of overlap. Autumn is a huge fan of Kathy Olivas, Jason of a designer called Buff Monster, and myself with Tara McPhereson. So whenever these creators put out new work, we are invariably drawn to it. To be fair, we have been trying to cut extraneous collecting out for moneys sake, primarily sticking to collecting Dunnys, of which I have posted before on. These creators get a pass though, along with a select few others, that warrant our collecting.

I have to say I feel truly lucky in receiving 2 fantastic pieces by Tara. She created a limited edition run of two large format figures, one of a Chinese Gosho doll, and the other a variant paint of the comic character Hellboy, who had his own large scale version. I was really surprised to see these two items, of which I didn't even know where both in print until slightly before Christmas.

Jason had a very Buff Monster Christmas after getting a custom painted figure, as well as two 8 inch figures from the Dunny series, one by renowned artist Shepard Fairy and the other an early figure in the 8 in line by Insa, which has a cool little zip up hoodie.

All in all it was great Christmas to be a vinyl fan. Now its time to pinch the pennies again as the 3 inch Dunny line launches its new figures next month, all with a London theme. I posted some pics up top of the sweet figures we got.

End of Line.

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