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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Assorted Nuts!

Hey all!

A few quick notes. I made a slight posting error so actually my Movie Time: Rewind column is posted underneath my Wednesday installment of Flash Fiction. Though i skipped the chapter of Darkest Dawn this week, my intention is to be back on time next week and work willing, start getting them up on Sundays, though at the latest I will have it up in its usual spot.

Concerning this Christmas story I wrote, I can honestly say that I don't hate it after writing it. I think like anyone who creates something, they only see the flaws or the mistakes, all the things they could have changed and made better. As it stands after re reading it today, I am pretty happy with it. I simply sat down at the computer and just wrote it, without any preface or thought as to what kind of story I was going to write. I mean originally i was going to write more Darkest Dawn. Instead I just decided it was time to write a Christmas tale and I just cranked it out. I think it works on two levels pretty well, a surface level about a boy catching Santa, and a deeper level to adults who can see a story beneath it (or at least I hope they do!)

Oh there was also a really bad typograhical error in the story where at one point I reffered to the Dad and Mom in the same instance, it has been fixed after the read through today. Not sure how I missed that. Sorry about that.

My efforts tomorrow (and maybe later tonight) will be on a new Christmas poem for tomorrow, though I have had several unsuccessful attempts already. I should also have a movie review or two heading into the weekend. See you soon!

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