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Monday, December 08, 2008

Assorted Nuts

Hey all,

Sorry for the gap in posting this past weekend. It was my intent to roll out new Flash Fiction Sunday, but I got caught up at work far longer than I intended to be, as well as trying to bust out some other commitments that I had that day, among of which was getting some serious Christmas shopping done. Only three people left and two want stuff that won't be out until later this month.

So in theory here is how this week will go. On Wednesday I will be out with new Darkest Dawn, then the following Sunday Darkest Dawn will move to its new regular Sunday time slot. So this week will see two installments of teh story, sort of a bonus chapter. I will be attempting to write some non sci fi stories again this month, as well as take another stab at a new Holiday poem, as the more I think about last years the less I like it.

To be honest the newest chapter of Dawn has been a hard one to write. It's a very wordy, dialog heavy section that gets into the meat and potatoes of the storyline. I'll be glad to get through it and back to more action and adventure. As always I thank you for reading.

End of Line.

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