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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Time

Hey all,

Here is a Christmas poem that I finished up today before I headed off to work (yeah it sucks). I wanted to stay to a more conventional message for the holidays as I didn't really like the poem I did last year. I felt it came across as to corny, or schmaltzy, as I call it. Not real enough.

This poem definitely has some schmaltz, but I like the message a little better than last years. Oh well, I still don't think its my best work, or even really that good, but then again, I may be just to heard on myself because I really liked my last bit of Flash Fiction and I don't think this is quite the same caliber. Anyway I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Time

Its Christmas time today,

All the children are at play,

Snow fights in the yard,

And people reading Christmas cards.

Carolers sing from on the street,

All of them keeping to the beat.

Presents wrapped beneath the tree,

As the young look on their gifts with glee.

The tree is aglow with Christmas lights,

From reds and green to blues and whites.

And when you look upon the shining star,

Remember what guided wise men from afar.

Christmas is the day of His birth,

Not just one about gifts or worth.

Hold to it with all of those you love,

And give thanks to those who wait above.

For the most important gift you can receive,

Matters not in what faith you believe.

Health and hearth and one's family,

That's a message for which all can surely agree.

Giving thanks on this special holiday,

Is the meaning that Christmas should convey.

Merry Christmas!

End of Line.

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