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Thursday, December 04, 2008


Hey all,

Below is a poem that I started working on this past Sunday. Over the course of the last year I have had the opportunity to take a lot of long drives, many that were by myself. On a few of them I have stopped and taken in the scenic sights that lay along the path and try to drink in the experience. Several times I have tried unsuccessfully to write a poem from what I have seen, and this week I thought it was good enough, and complete enough to post.

Its just about the cleansing feeling you can get from taking in a really beautiful sight from nature and the thoughts that go through your mind when you see it. I also wanted to try to stay with some positive poetic imagery in accordance with my previous poetry post. I hope you enjoy.


Soft whispers in the night air,

The cool wind blows away my care.

I listen to the sounds of night,

And no longer feel the fright.

Stretched out below, a deep valley lay,

Which green grass and foliage array.

Snow capped mountains in distance rest,

Spiraling high to the Heavens they crest.

The starry sky and moon above,

Alight a sight below unheard of.

So vast and clean is Nature's treat,

A beauty forged of no small feat.

I look upon the splendor spread below,

And ponder how much of the world I truly know.

Such a sight that fills me with wonder,

And washes away all that threatens me asunder.

This view that encapsulates all of God's realm,

Under His guidance He holds His steady helm.

So when the darker thoughts weaken your resolve,

Gaze upon what He has prompted to evolve.

For every sad day that comes our way,

The scenic sight below just may allay.

Serene and quiet, such peaceful bliss,

Such that any other vision would feel remiss.

Of all the world there are possibilities around,

But in this single view that perhaps its found.

Breathe in the sounds of life that filter through,

Whether it be this night sky or one turned blue.

Find your grace in the twinkling star,

Or in sun drenched rays from afar.

The calming motion of the trees in the breeze,

And in the forming clouds that put you at ease.

All of these from just one view,

That for a moment makes life feel brand new.

Drink of this place and find oppressions release,

And finally know a moment of the sweetest peace.

End of Line.

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