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Monday, December 01, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Happy December All!

November has left and December is upon us. This month is a really open one for the blog with only The Darkest Dawn as planned posts. I am going to attempt a holiday story as well as a new Christmas poem, in order to gear up for the new year. Before moving on though, I'd like to reflect upon the end of Under a Dead Sun.

The previous post was the last chapter of the story. It was forty installments over the course of about 6 months and to be honest, I am a little sad to see it end. I really liked writing this serial, and keeping to the basic premise of flash fiction. Just a few paragraphs of a story that can be read individually or as a whole for the bigger picture.

The Darkest Dawn has elapsed more into the realm of a short story with each installment. My goal is to take a few weeks off and just focus on that serial, before relaunching in January with something new. Back to the basics with shorted one to three chapter stories to keep in alignment with the goals of flash fiction. New Darkest Dawn will now be moving to Sundays, much more conducive to my current work schedule.

I think my goal with Dead Sun was met. Creating and writing stories on a regular basis, a first for me. I kept to my deadlines pretty closely and I would like to think that there is a bit of improvement in terms of story growth. I still think my biggest problem is pre-planning. I start writing with a clear end in mind and take it from there. In some ways it allows for better spontaneity, but in others it hurts me bot having a set story structure to follow. I am hoping that continued efforts will bring better results, something I am trying to do with Darkest Dawn.

Before I end this look back I have two key things to mention. Thank you to anyone who bothered to read this piece of pulp nonsense. I don't pretend by any means that I am any good, I just love writing. Also a special thank you to my room mate Jason, who provided the inspiration for me to write in the first place and who created the kick ass mock cover shown image above. The fact that he took the time out of his busy day to do it meant a lot to me. Thank you. Maybe we'll see it one day my friend. Maybe one day.

End of Line.

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