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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Solution

Hey all,

Here's another poem I wrote during the waning days of my somewhat working vacation. Sort of a love poem directing questions to the meaning of life and our purpose. The poem is about one person finding their answer, though not me. I can relate to some of the feelings of having unanswered questions in life, but I think each person finds there own reasons. Some we know and some reasons we want to believe. Some answers we haven't figured out yet. Not sure which category I am in yet. Anyway please enjoy the poem.

The Solution

Time is a question of answers sought,

Where rewards' a pursuit not easily caught.

Rhyme and reason seem a matter of fate,

When the total sum just doesn't equate.

The solution to life, the great unknown,

To find one another, awash and alone.

The meeting of two to equal the one.

Coming together to join the undone.

Many queries may result in the same,

Missing the prize under a mountain of blame.

Seeking a purpose from close or afar,

During our time from the pain and the scar.

Joining in mind to covet so pure,

Bringing once broken pieces a cure.

When there is so little we can trust or rely,

Hold faith in what we cannot deny.

The meaning of life so close at hand,

The answer is you and love's sweet demand.

As the flag of my heart flutters unfurled,

You're my reason for being in all of the world.

End of Line.

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