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Monday, January 14, 2008

Food for Thought (Day 2!)

Hey all,

In what has turned out to be an interesting weekend for food, my friends and I tried out another interesting place to eat yesterday. Called Lo-Lo's its an authentic soul food establishment that serves chicken and waffles. Much like the famous Roscoe's in Los Angeles, it prides itself on serving African American "street food." I have been fascinated by the concept of the restaurant for a long time, ever since hearing about it and I have wanted to taste it.

Now I should point out that it is located in the urban section of down town Phoenix. It's not the nicest of neighborhoods and the building is not in the greatest of shape. I will say though, that the service was bright and friendly and the food was great. I ordered the traditional fare, deep fried chicken and waffles, with a side of red beans and rice. The rest of the table ordered very similar dishes, passing around excellent collared greens and grits. I found the chicken to truly taste home cooked and the side dishes were much better than I anticipated. I also must recommend their homemade lemonade, it was fantastic! Maybe the best I have ever tried. I look forward to going back to sample some of their other dishes, like catfish and red velvet cake.

I will be honest, I wasn't sure how we would be viewed upon entering the restaurant, being white. This is a small piece of African American culture that most others may not understand or treat respectfully. I am not in any way racist and real prejudice is a terrible blight upon the world. But I was still nervous that we would be viewed strangely. Fortunately none of that was evident. I recommend Lo-Lo's for a true urban dining experience. The food was good and who doesn't want to say they ate chicken and waffles?

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