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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Episode 9

Reny Cargill took a quick stock of his sundries and moved to unlock the General Store's doors. As he pulled back the shades and peered outside he was surprised by how dark it was. He cast a quick look to the clock hanging on his wall and saw that it was 7:00am, well into what should be daylight.

Reny walked into the street and looked to the sky, dread filling him as he saw what looked to be a burned out orb in the sky. As he cast about for movement on the slow streets, he caught signs of movement on the edge of town. He quickly jogged toward the commotion, hoping to get a few answers as to what was going on.

As Reny drew near he could sense something wasn't right. He smelled them before his eyes could make sense of what he was seeing. Graves unturned and the dead walking, streaming down the slow slope of Boot Hill. Reny choked back a scream and ran for his store as the undead creatures closed upon the town.

End of Line.

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