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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Episode 5

Boothe polished the worn counter top with a dirty rag. He grumbled under his breath as he noticed a fresh set of carvings on the counter as he wiped at them harder. Boothe reached into his pocket and pulled out his watch, Faded and tarnished, it still kept good time, and Boothe put it back into his pocket. He looked out over the bar at the saloons customers.

It was getting on towards dawn, though he didn't see the sun yet, which in of itself was strange. There weren't many people left in the place, Deke and Barry he had to kick out every day, but the stranger was still sitting at the same table, hand holding an empty glass. Stranger had been waiting for a go with one of his girls, but he'd been booked up most of the night. Katee'd be free soon, and he could make a few more bucks before closing up.

Boothe walked over to the stranger and shook his shoulder. He didn't get much response and he shook it harder. " Hey you still wanna go?"

Suddenly the stranger spun his head, quicker than Boothe would have thought possible and sank his teeth into Boothe's hand.

"FUCKIN MOTHER FUCK!" Boothe cursed as he bent back towards the bar.

The stranger lurched from his chair and moved towards Boothe. Cradling his hand he reached over the bar for his gun, just as he felt the stranger's teeth plung into his neck. He let out a scream as the last thing he heard was the ring of gunshots.

End of Line.

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