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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blank Pages

Hey all,

I once heard it said that the surest cure for writer's cramp is writer's block. I can assure you that is the truth. I ended up working tonight, typically I don't work Sundays, but circumstances prevented that from happening this week. Sunday nights at work are slow and boring. Even with the list of things I left for myself to do, specifically targeted for tonight, I STILL was done with them all by 9pm. I sat in the office waiting for customers to show up so I would have something to do. It was depressing.

You can't surf the Internet, the work computer is on a dial up and has so many built in firewalls that disabling them to get to any good websites is almost impossible now with sending up some flags. We are also one of the only NON wi-fi stores left so I can't even take my PC to hook up.

One of the things I like to do on this downtime is to work on my poetry. I just wasn't feeling it today though. I wrote a lot of lines, just nothing that had any purpose or substance to it. It was kind of frustrating. So i sat there, with nothing to show for it. Today was not a good day.

End of Line.

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