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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Episode 6 (Part One)

Billy quickly moved into the second train car, where Katee and the Sheriff were already waiting. He latched the door behind him as the undead lurched closer, surging against the door. The car they were in seemed empty and the three of them moved through it quickly.

"Wait here, I'll check out the next car. It's only a matter of time before they get through the door."

The Sheriff pulled open the car door, and moved into the space way between cars. He took a deep breath and opened the second door. Pulling free both of his pistols he crept into the car. It was dark and had that familiar order of decay. The lights had all been bashed out, and the Sheriff moved silently through the car.

Suddenly lurching from the fore section of the car shambled three of the creatures. The Sheriff lined up and let 3 quick shots fly. Two of the beasts fell back, their brains blown against the wall. The three shot went wide and the creature raked his claws against the Sheriff's arm.

"ARRGH!" he yelled dropping one of his guns as the beast drew him in. The zombie, which outweighed him by at least 80 pounds, wrestled him to the ground. He strained to keep the monster's teeth from clamping down on him. His good arm, still clutching the gun, was wedged beneath the huge beast's chin, forearm pushing away the clamping jaws.

"Son of a bitch..."

End of Line.

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