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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Movie Review (DVD edition) Shoot'em Up

Hey all,

The movie Shoot'em Up came out a a while back and it was a film that I wanted to see. I didn't get a chance to see the film, but I did pick it up on a blind buy based on a friends recommendation. We both love the cheesy "B" movies that usually go straight to video, or the Sci-Fi channels weekly crap-fest. They are mindless action romps that can make you laugh. It's not about plot or acting, its only about having fun.

Shoot'em Up delivers that in spades. Clive Owen is Smith, a stranger who saves a pregnant hooker from villains. She dies, but not before giving birth, to which Smith then feels he must protect the baby. He takes it to Monica Belluci, another hooker who services clients with.. shall we say baby fetishes, for nourishment. The main villain, Paul Giamatti, hamming it up in what is obviously a lot of fun for him, chases them down. That's the plot. They throw reality out of the window early on, with Owen shooting bad guys as he delivers the baby, and his character is always eating carrots-which lead to at least 2 carrot related deaths. The final sequence between Giamatti and Owen is SO unbelievable its achieves classic campiness and outrage.

I realize that not everyone likes this kind of film, but if you love bad action movies, with puns so bad that they turn good and hilarious one liners, Shoot'em Up is for you. Gun fights, car chases, paper thin plots (with holes so wide you can drive a truck through them, crazy sex sequences, and sheer unbridled over the top fun, then you'll like this movie. I recommend Shoot'em Up for a night of fun with your friends.

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