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Friday, October 05, 2007


Hey all!

I know my last post was about writing other things on the blog, but I have 2 poems pretty much written so I thought I would upload one. I wrote this piecemeal from work, taking the title from the old Alfred Hitchcock movie Vertigo. I am attempting to write a poem combining some familar themes, being lost in yourself and finding the path out. I don't know how sucessful it came out, I normally take the poems title from the poem itself, this was the first time I had the title beforehand, with the exception of my poem Black, but that was a poem based on a pretty completed structure in advance.

Hope you enjoy.


These whirling spires upon this high,

A dizzying descent from the fly.

It all feels so far out of control,

A tumbling boulder that can't stop it's roll.

This whirling vortex that is my life,

Confusion and complications so abundantly rife.

Again and again I've lost my way,

It's the darkest of nights even in day.

But at the apex of this maddening spin,

I found you there to absol my sin.

In you I hear my purpose and sound,

Even in the roar from crumbling ground.

Without the surest sense of place,

I can find my way home in your beauty and grace.

At the times when I most need a guide,

You're there to hold my hand and walk beside.

In those threatening periods I fail the yield of vertigo,

I can always remember your promise to not let go.

So in those moments where my heart succumb,

You remind me of what I can become.

End of Line.

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