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Sunday, October 07, 2007


Hey all!

Wow, this marks my 100th post on the site. I knew I was getting close but when I sat down to do the column today, I didn't realize how close I was. I had planned to do a new poem for the 100th post, sort of something celebratory and upbeat to commerate the occasion. The poem I wrote is the COMPLETE opposite of that.

I wanted to do another poem with a recurring measure or word in it, as well as break the cycle of couplet rhyming that my last few poems have had. My intention was to do another in the terza rima style, but I couldn't get that in the way I wanted it and went with this new syle. Three line stanzas with the final line in each rhyming. It was also important to keep the meassage short. I'd be curious to hear what you thought of the change in pace that it brings. If anything, I enjoyed it for that.


!00 nights
Without you here,
Don't know how to feel.

100 days
Now pass by,
The hurt to raw to heal.

100 vows
That I've made,
Gone but still so real.

100 tears
I've shed for you,
And now all has lost appeal.

100 words
I'd say to all,
On hands and knees I'd kneel.

100 moments
We once shared.
Now all has fade to past.

100 things
We said and did,
Our time flew by so fast.

100 sounds
Of blackened notes,
Nothing gold can everlast.

100 smiles
Once lit my life.
Now depressions stark contrast.

100 urges
I now surpress,
Our difference just to vast.

100 letters
I've written you,
All have gone unread.

100 times
I feel my heart,
Begin to fill with dread.

100 paths
Down separate trails,
Without a guide have I been lead.

100 ways
To hear that phrase
I'd wished I'd never said.

100 wounds
I've caused you so,
All thats worth now struck dead.

100 crimes
To suffer righteous
Not a moment out of place.

100 scars
To cover pains,
Those memories just can't erase.

100 deaths
I die each day,
From my own disgrace.

100 apologies
Offered once again,
What I lost I can't replace.

100 cuts
To now give in,
To this final dark embrace.

End of Line.

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