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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another Birthday to Come

Hey all,

I wrote this poem for my birthday, which is today. As you get older the things you start to worry about change, and grow more complex. I wanted to kind of capture that feeling. I'd be negelct not to point out I wrote this actually the day before my brithday for posting purposes, but wanted to put it up today. It felt good to kind of unload some of these pressures.

Another Birthday to Come

Another year older has come today,

The calendar days been pulled away.

Time seems to pass by so fast,

And all the good things don't seem to last.

It feels like yesterday offered new hope,

But today brings the same issues to cope.

I'm still working at the same old place,

Fifteen years still at this tired rat race.

Where does the path of my life lead,

Lost looking for a better purpose in stead.

A birthday should celebrate your time on Earth,

A remembrance to commencerate your birth.

But the innocent song of the young.

Is a different tune when older sung.

The worries I carry from these last years.

Now have even more reveberate fears.

It's hard to find the blessings of age,

When your trapped inside this lonely cage.

To add to a year full of passing regret,

One more reason to cause me such fret.

A prayer cast or wish with breath made,

A candle snuffed out the price that's paid.

What we ask for we may not get,

All of our life no longer set.

I still just sit and wonder why,

Is there an answer I've not tried?

These things I feel just won't abate,

Consumed by doubt and fear and hate.

So here's to another birthday to come,

May next year find my heart not so numb.

End of Line.

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