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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Once Were Strangers

Hey all,

Finally back from Tuscon, which wasn't that great. I'll post an update on the goings on down there, albeit it is pretty slim. There wasn't much going on. I thought I would post 1 of the three poems I wrote down there. This is the one I wrote the second night there, watching some of the coverage of the California wildfires and the destruction that they are causing inspired me to write a poem dedicated to tho those victims. I thought it would be aa good idea to post it while it is still pertinent.

Once Were Strangers

The fires burn,

An awesome sight.

Roaring flames,

Flexing destructive might.

A wild rage,

Now out of control,

Separated masses,

Now found un-whole.

The homes of many,

Wrought asunder.

Their worldy goods,

Now act as flame's plunder.

No place feels safe.

Closing in upon the city.

So many now so lost,

Finding only pity.

San Diego and Los Angeles,

California faces such dangers,

Tragedy now brings together,

Refugee's who once were strangers.

In times as these,

So hard to cope.

Clutching tight to those moments,

That offer a glimmer of hope.

Rally now!

To those in need,

These victim's seek,

For one to lead.

Look for those,

Who now need care,

As all of America,

Pulls togther in prayer.

End of Line.


RudeDaddy said...

Very nice G I am glad your writing. I have to say even though I've heard alot of your stories in spoken word. reading them was just as much fun. I really enjoy your "true storie time" segments, those will never stop being funny keep it up. Your poetry is a glimpes into your softer side. I know the power of letting in the light and baring your soul publicly. it can and will round out you character(no pun intended)jk. Every one's a critic so write what you feel like. and fuck the nay sayers. i like this alot.

peace RudeDaddy( danny)

GERRAD! said...

Hey man I appreciate the comments. I have been following your stuff on MySpace and was surprised to see you doing some things along the same lines as me. Thanks man.